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Smarter Energy Use

Smarter energy use on Australian dairy farms Project Summary In 2012, Dairy Australia received $1 million in funding from the Department of Industry and Science to deliver the project ‘Smarter energy use on Australian dairy farms’, aimed at helping dairy farmers […]

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High Power Use Britnells @ Koroit

High Power Use Glenn and Roma Britnell, Koroit, Victoria The Britnell’s dairy at Koroit was an early recipient of an energy assessment in 2012 as part of the Dairy Australia and Department of Resources, Energy and Tourism project ‘Smarter energy […]

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Renewable Energy Options Easleas @ Dayboro

Renewable Energy Options When southeast Queensland dairy farmers Greg and Jenny Easlea started looking at energy saving options for their dairy, they had the greatest interest in new measures that would have a payback period of less than five years. […]

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Optimise energy use in your Dairy Shed

Optimise energy use in your Dairy Shed Objectives of the Event To help farmers identify if they are using too much electricity. Could farmers reduce their electricity use or costs or both. Reflections on the Event Most participants requested access to a farm […]

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Clearing the Carbon Confusion

Clearing the Carbon Confusion Objectives of Event What does climate change and carbon policy actually mean for dairy farmers? David Griffin (DPIV Policy Manager) and Neil Baker (Macalister Demonstration Farm) discussed responses to the impact of carbon pricing and options […]

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Irrigating the Pasture, Powering the Dairy

Irrigating the Pasture, Powering the Dairy Objectives of the Event A FRDS field day was held at Ashgrove Farms “Hawthorn” property to officially launch the farm’s mini hydro scheme. This mini hydro is Tasmania’s first grid connect mini-hydro scheme running […]

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Watts in the Dairy Shed

Watts in the Dairy Shed Objectives of Event These events were aimed at: giving farmers strategies to reduce the energy consumption of their existing dairy plant, and when considering future equipment purchases, how to prioritise which of the various energy […]

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FRDS stand at Agfest

FRDS stand at Agfest Objective of the event Engage with a broad range of dairy industry stakeholders and the general public about dairying and climate change issues.  To do this, we had a FRDS quiz with the winner receiving $1,000 […]

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Solar hot water reduces costs in the dairy

Solar hot water reduces costs in the dairy With electricity costs set to rise by more than 60% over the next three years, Blenheim dairy farmers Mark and Joanne Seng are ensuring their business remains profitable by improving efficiencies and […]

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Saving Energy in the Dairy Field Day

Saving Energy in the Dairy Field Day Objective of the event This event aimed to showcase energy saving ideas and installations in the dairy. Guest speakers were on hand to discuss the savings that can be made by adjusting dairy […]

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