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Alternative Power – What opportunities do alternative technologies bring?

Objective of the event

The day included a presentation on small scale alternative power including wind, solar and biodigesters and “The Victorian experience”: methane biodigesters and effuent waste stream algae treatment systems, and capture of methane from effluent.

Key Messages

  • Understanding your farms emissions is the key to knowing what changes may be required. DGAS is able to estimate farm emissions.
  • 10-15% of emissions come from energy use at the dairy, reducing energy use reduces emissions.
  • Changes to effluent management including methane capture and nutrient stripping can reduce emissions from effluent.

Reflections on the Event

Will’s talk was entertaining, showing how creative use of small scale alternative power systems can solve local problems.

Barrie’s presentation was particularly relevant to the dairy industry, providing opportunities for the future.

Quotes and Feedback from Attendees

“We would like Speakers with working wind or solar power systems in an Australian context – to see some working”

“Barrie Bradshaw was excellent”

“it looks as if effluent managment will be a cost to us”


08 Jun,2011

Event Type:

Field Day




Monique White