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Clearing the Carbon Confusion

Objectives of Event

What does climate change and carbon policy actually mean for dairy farmers? David Griffin (DPIV Policy Manager) and Neil Baker (Macalister Demonstration Farm) discussed responses to the impact of carbon pricing and options for reducing emissions without losing sight of profitability. Lyndal Metcalf from DPIV coordinated the workshop so that Tasmanian audiences got an opportunity to see this information ‘roadshow’.

Key Messages

The policy space in this area is changing rapidly so following it can be time consuming.  Rely on trusted sources of advice for information, but in the meantime, keep your focus on farming profitability.

Reflections on the Event

Keepad evaluation was a good one to gauge audience response to the topic. It was clear the audience had a good understanding of the issues and information presented, but it was great to have it presented in such a clear logical way. Learning about how Macilister Demo farm had set itself the same emissions reductions targets as the Govt and then how they are achieving their targets was very interesting.

Quotes and Feedback

“Keepad evaluations showed that 90% of audience would recommend the workshops to others”.

Other Event Information

All participants received extensive hand outs including Dairy Australia’s Clearing the Carbon Confusion fact sheet.

Thanks to Lyndal Metcalf for coordination of bringing these information sessions to Tasmania. Thanks to TIA for their support and sponsorship of some costs.


Mar 08, 2012

Event Type:

Professional Development Workshop/Seminar


Launceston and Burnie


Rachel Brown