Future Ready Dairy Systems

Dairy Australia


Clearing the carbon confusion

Objective of the event

To provide participants with a better understanding of the new Carbon Tax and Carbon Farming Initiative (CFI) policies, how they may impact on dairy farms and what opportunities are possible.

Key Messages

Dairy farms are not directly liable for the Carbon Tax but there will be indirect cost increases including electricity and some energy intensive inputs.

The CFI is completely voluntary. Ensure you consider any options to participate in the CFI carefully and get independent advice – there will be risks to consider and possible impacts on your future land use and farming systems.

Most opportunities for dairy farms to reduce emissions are through increasing efficiencies in feeding, fertiliser and energy use.

There may be reasonable efficiency and profitability gains to be made by completing an energy audit and implementing some easy and cheap options.

Reflections on the Event

With 100 participants over the three sessions, the positive feedback showed that they were well received. The audiences made the most of the opportunity to discuss the new policies and on farm options with the two key presenters, with all Q&A sessions proving very interactive.

Quotes and Feedback from Attendees

Over 90% of participants that provided feedback said that they had improved their understanding of carbon policy and how it relates to dairy business, with over 70% indicating that they will be taking some action as a result of attending these sessions. The most common emissions related topics that participants wanted further information on were energy use on farm, soils and animal productivity.