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Experiences with feedpads on Gippsland dairy farms

Objective of the event

To discuss the place of feed pad in South Gippsland’s dairy farm systems

To show case dairy feed pads, allowing farmers to learn from one another

To understand how feed pads can assist in managing climate variability – wet & dry seasons

Key Messages

After the wet conditions of 2011 many dairy farmers in the Gippsland region are considering a feed pad for their farming system

Feed pads are useful to minimise soil & pasture damage during wet periods, allowing cows & machinery time off waterlogged paddocks

Feed pads may be used in dry periods to minimise feed wastage as well as soil & pasture damage

Reflections on the Event

More than 100 people attended two feed pad tours during February 2012 in the South Gippsland region. There was great interest in the subject following extremely wet conditions during the Autumn & Winter period of 2011. Six farms opened their gates allowing fellow dairy farmers to learn from their experiences in planning, building & operating feed pads within their farm systems.