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Feedbase opportunities with Chicory

Objective of the event

To assist farmers understand chicory as a part of their farming system

To understand how chicory can be of benefit given climate variability

To share knowledge from farmers who are using chicory within their dairy farming system

Key Messages

Chicory is being considered and utilised by an increasing number of Gippsland’s dairy farmers.

It is a crop that can complement perennial rye grass based systems with careful management.

Chicory offers a feed source that persists into the hotter, drier months when rye grass struggles.

Lessons about establishment & management of chicory in the region are still being learnt.

Reflections on the Event

30 people attended the day. It was useful to hear, first hand the practical experiences of local farmers. Like any pasture or crop, chicory responds differently according to sowing rate, soil type, rainfall pattern & management.


22 Sep,2011

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Trafalgar, Gippsland


Gillian Hayman