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Feeding cows in a variable climate – Calving Dates & Forage Options

Objective of the event

To highlight the variable climate in the Yarram region

To demonstrate a feeding adaptation to the variable climate

To explore feeding options in the increasingly variable autumn & spring feeding periods

To consider calving patterns & dates fgiven the climate variability we are experiencing in this region

Key Messages

Long term records show a decline in rainfall for the Yarram area

Rye grass will continue to be the main feed source for cows on The Bland’s farm

The strategic use of supplementary feeds such as PKE and cereal silage play a role to fill the feed gaps and manage risk

The calving pattern has been modified to fit rainfall patterns and make the most of the grass growth period


9 Feb,2011

Event Type:

Field Day


Alberton via Yarram South Gippsland


Gillian Hayman