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Objectives of Event

iDairy is a multi-faceted project consisting of an overseas study tour, development of a documentary, a special dinner documentary premiere, plus the development of a short film to be launched on various platforms in conjunction with the 2012 Australian Year of the Farmer.

Success tomorrow as a dairy farmer depends on how the dairy sector adapts to challenges, increases their efficiency, sustainability and profitability, as well as the industry’s perceived image in the wider community. Learning from others who have embraced positive practice change and innovation in a changing climate is a must to strengthen the productivity and resilience of the South Australian (SA) dairy community.

Key Messages

Dairying is a global industry, strengths to investigate include an enhanced awareness of environmental responsibility, increased understanding of the well-being of animals and more recognition the importance of their human resources.

Quotes and Feedback from Attendees

Today we begin our meetings together with various farmer organisation reps and EU personel to learn about their challenges and how their countries are coping with environmental and “Climate Change” policy.

What I took out of the meeting with the EU was they have a very strong view on climate, in the way of lowering greenhouse gasses and ect



Nov 01, 2011

Event Type:

Professional Development Workshop/Seminar


Europe and South America


Penny McArdle