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Irrigation Efficiency Field Day

Objective of the event

Enable irrigators to increase efficiency in grass based pasture systems

Key Messages

Learn from experience of eastern states irrigators who have dealt with tight water restrictions and a drying climate

Reflections on the Event

Attendees learnt from the 1st hand experience of Northern Victorian Dairy Farmer Graeme Sprunt, Vic DPI Dairy Extension Specialist Phil Shannon and South Australian Irrigation Consultant Tim Powell. These presenters have managed and advised through drying times in recent years, dealing with low water allocations, detiorating water quality and high fodder prices.

Farmers who attended were able to interact with these presenters and gain first hand knowledge of the most effective changes they made during the drought event and how best to implement those changes on their properties.

Quotes and Feedback from Attendees

A range of responses was recieved from growers who attended the workshops. Some is listed below:

To determine the cost of water. Watering frequency. Water use efficiency and economical aspects of feed sources. Analysis of water costs and how growers had to change management practices. Practical information based on clearly explained principles. The different options considered / discussed for saving water. Keeping in touch with the industry. Water monitoring (x2). Learnt about moisture meters. Feeding (or fitting?) cows to systems. Working together to help with water efficiency.


2 Nov,2011

Event Type:

Field Day


Harvey, Vasse & Scott River


Sam Taylor – 0429 332 593, sam@agvivo.com.au