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Optimise energy use in your Dairy Shed

Objectives of the Event

To help farmers identify if they are using too much electricity. Could farmers reduce their electricity use or costs or both.

Key Messages

Benchmarking on dairy shed electricity costs across Australia has found there is a large range of energy costs– between $4 / 1000L milk to over $14 / 1000L milk. This means at a production level of one million litres, some farmers are paying up to $10,000/ year more than others. The first step is for farmers to know where they sit within this range, and the potential savings achievable.

Reflections on the Event

Most participants requested access to a farm assessment of energy use.

Quotes & Feedback from Attendees

“Very informative, increased my knowledge about the different types of dairy equipment on the market”

“Solar energy information was helpful”

“Worth going to – food for thought ”


Mar 28, 2012

Event Type:

Field Day


Mt Schank, RiverGlen, Greenock


Monique White