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Smart and Simple – Innovations in Southern Tasmanian Dairying

Objective of the event

The Derwent Valley is not a traditional dairying region, but it has an excellent water resource and some great farmers. This day highlighted some of the dairying innovations on a leading farmer in Southern Tasmania.

Key Messages

Grant and Melanie described their success with 3 milkings in 2 days. Their exceptional pasture and irrigation management comes from regularly walking paddocks with a pasture plate meter and using soil moisture monitoring equipment. They use feed budgeting and irrigation scheduling.

Reflections on the Event

Grant and Melanie gave us a really practical insight into a broad range of simple innovations that save them money, time, energy and water. They are excellent dairy farmers who are continually refining what they are doing and adopting new technologies.

Quotes and Feedback from Attendees

Best parts of the day:

  • innovative, simple and clear
  • farm tour, explanation of pasture management complexities
  • hearing first hand from the farmer re: decisions they’ve made
  • use of GPS
  • technology and chance to meet others
  • innovative farming system, pasture management
  • shed set up and white irrigation pods


10 Nov,2011

Event Type:

Field Day




Rachel Brown