Future Ready Dairy Systems

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Future Ready Dairy Systems

Future Ready Dairy Systems (FRDS) is funded by Dairy Australia and the Australian Government’s Climate Change Research Program. FRDS is the regional delivery arm of a larger Climate Change Research Program project called Mitigation and Adaptation in the Australian Dairy Industry.

FRDS has been delivered across the 8 Australian dairy regions in collaboration with the Regional Development Programs and State agriculture agencies – in particular the Victorian Department of Primary Industries.

The intended impact is a dairy supply chain, including service providers and policy makers, with the confidence and capacity to capture the opportunities and to deal with the uncertainties of climate change, increased seasonal variability and emissions reduction plans. Overwhelmingly, FRDS has been focussed on ensuring that there are viable, practical and profitable options for dairy farmers so that the industry is fully prepared for whatever climate, market or regulatory signals dairy farmers might receive.

FRDS has been focussed on delivering:

  1. A national network of on-farm demonstration sites showing adaptation and mitigation strategies in action – selected and ‘managed’ by a Regional Reference Group in each of the 8 dairy regions to ensure that the demonstration sites are focussed on issues that are locally relevant.
  2. Information resources to assist understanding and implementation of adaptation and mitigation strategies – as part of a broadly based communication plan, these resources have been made available through the national, State and local partners, including milk processors and landcare networks. This website has brought together virtually all the FRDS resources from the 8 dairy regions.
  3. Greenhouse gas emissions benchmarks – the dairy industry has made a major commitment to understanding and reporting on greenhouse gas emissions across the whole supply chain. DGAS (the Dairy Greenhouse Abatement Strategies calculator) has been used across some of the demonstration farms to build a more complete picture of greenhouse gas emissions across different farming systems.

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