Future Ready Dairy Systems

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Key points
  • Dairy Australia and GippsDairy are working to understand the climate challenges faced by Gippsland dairy farmers, and to provide solutions
  • Future Ready Dairy systems in the Gippsland Region has focussed on more efficient use of resources, especially water, nutrients, energy and pasture
  • Visit Gillian’s blog to find out more about FRDS in Gippsland – http://futurereadydairy.blogspot.com.au
  • There are many dairy farmers sharing their insights via FRDS case studies and virtual events from the Gippsland Region as well as from other regions

Specific Gippsland Information

The dairy industry in Gippsland faces its own set of challenges relating to climate variability and climate change, with a feedbase dominated by perennial ryegrass based pastures and purchased concentrates. These challenges are explored though climate and pasture predictions (for 2030 and 2070), farmer case studies, FRDS virtual events, and information about potential on-farm responses.

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All the regional content for Gippsland is available from the map, with different coloured flags for the different types of content – for example, all the farmer case studies have red flags. In most cases the flags have been located on the map as near as possible to the location where the information came from or where the event was held. Click on the flags to get more information and zoom in if there is too much overlap on the flags.

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