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Reducing energy costs and emissions Brasingtons @ Maroon

Rod and Leann Brasington milk 180 cows on 80 hectares of irrigated rye, clover, kikuyu and lucerne, plus 105 ha of dryland pastures. Their electricity costs around $10,000 which equates to approximately 75.1 tonnes of greenhouse gases annually.

Milk cooling (32%) and hot water (31%) were the biggest electricity uses in the dairy, followed by milk harvesting on 13% and shed/lights on 9%.

An energy assessment was conducted by Nick Bullock of NBA Consulting, who developed an action plan outlining options for saving electricity by improving the efficiency of existing equipment or installing new equipment that is more energy efficient. Return on investment timeframes are included for each option.

Further analyses reviewed the options for energy savings from the irrigation system and the possibilities associated with alternative energy sources.

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