Future Ready Dairy Systems

Dairy Australia


Adapting to change: Milking the benefits

Prior to 2005 David and Karen Altman were farming off 142-hectares of swamp irrigation on South Australia’s River Murray at Toora. By 2005, SA Water purchased their entire irrigation land because it was close to the Adelaide Pumping Station. The Altmanns had to decide whether to relocate or to remain in Murray Bridge and farm as a feedlot dairy Рthey decided to stay. Some of their strategies have included

  • Reducing the milking area to 22ha (for a herd of 500 cows)
  • Building a feeding barn
  • Use of a nutrition consultant to help push the cows from 7,000l to 10,500
  • Buy in most feed but in good years there is significant grain and hay from their 200ha of dryland farm surrounding the dairy
  • 3 times a day milking

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