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Dairy Greenhouse gas emissions

This fact sheet explores the greenhouse gas emissions from Carter’s farm in the context of the 60 farms in Tasmilk60 and the national average.

  • Methane makes up 65% of Carter’s total emissions (56% for Tasmilk 60 and 59% nationally)
  • Nitrous oxide makes up 19% (21% and 20%) respectively
  • Emissions associated with farm inputs makes up 7, 12 and 11% respectively
  • On-farm energy use makes up 9, 11 and 10%
  • The Carters produce 2.845 l of milk per year, emitting 3,381 t CO2e per year, significantly less than the 4,700t from a single 747 flight Melbourne, Singapore, Paris return.

Download the fact sheet.