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Our experiences with 3 in 2 milking – Grant and Melanie Rogers

Grant and Melanie Rogers

In this case study, Grant and Melanie describe what differences they’ve seen with 3 in 2 milking on:  

  1. Feet: Obviously the cows will be walking less so pressure on hooves reduces and the chance of lameness.
  2. Heat: Heat stress can be a real problem in some environments and one of the major benefits of this system is that cows are back in the paddock during the heat of the day.  This goes as much for the human side of the equation as cows.
  3. Meat: Improved condition score has been given as a real benefit of this system.
  4. Reproductive performance: Reproductive performance, including early embryonic loss appears to improve under 3 in 2.  This is possibly linked in with both condition score and lack of heat stress
  5. Lifestyle: This is a major benefit of this system with milking only occurring every second morning. The down side is having to milk every second evening. There are obviously less milkings overall as well.
  6. Financials: There are a number of financial benefits as well.  Apart from the obvious around less milking there are hidden savings in cow wastage and laneway maintenance.

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