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High Power Use

Glenn and Roma Britnell, Koroit, Victoria

The Britnell’s dairy at Koroit was an early recipient of an energy assessment in 2012 as part of the Dairy Australia and Department of Resources, Energy and Tourism project ‘Smarter energy use on Australian dairy farms’.  Manager, David McConnell, was curious as to why they hadn’t seen any real power savings despite a recent upgrade of their vat cooling system and was looking for ways to reduce their energy bill. 

The assessment identified that their power use compared to similar size dairies was high and so started the hunt to work out why.  One of the assessors, an electrician, identified that something big was still drawing power despite most of the equipment being turned off.  The culprit was found to be a bore that no longer in use. It had been covered over in the yards but was still connected and running.  Now fully disconnected the savings are estimated to be around $5,000 per annum.

Mr McConnell is delighted that they have achieved significant savings and is still working on implementing other recommendations.  “One simple thing we do now is not leave lights on after milking.  We are much more aware of saving power,” said Mr McConnell.