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FRDS Program

Future Ready Dairy Systems (FRDS) is about practical and profitable practices for dairy farmers to deal with increased climate variability and carbon emissions policy. A farmer led program, FRDS has captured and shared the lessons from dairy farmers who have been innovative in adapting their farming systems to the challenges of a variable climate and the pressure to reduce carbon emissions. FRDS is supported by DA, DAFF, DPI Victoria and other partners.



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FRDS Virtual Events

There have been many FRDS ‘events’ across the 8 dairy regions.  Some of these events have been recreated on this website, including photos, feedback and supporting information from the day.  This is the next best thing to having been at the event whether it was a field day, a seminar or a professional development day.


The FRDS Library

This library contains all the information from FRDS, including regional contacts, virtual events, climate and pasture predictions, farmer case studies and on-farm responses.  Topics range from saving energy to alternative farming systems and farm emissions – you can search by region, topic, content type, media type or enter key words.


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