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FRDS stand at Agfest

Objective of the event

Engage with a broad range of dairy industry stakeholders and the general public about dairying and climate change issues.  To do this, we had a FRDS quiz with the winner receiving $1,000 outdoor equipment gift voucher.  Talking people through the quiz questions was a great way to engage in a casual conversation about dairying and climate change.

We also had a live energy monitoring display set up by Go Lime Solutions which tracked energy usage in the Dairy Pavilion.

The FRDS stand also had an extensive display of dairy industry and climate change fact sheets.

Key Messages

  • Over 150 people completed the quiz.  It was lots of fun talking to a broad audience about dairying and climate change issues.
  • It was really encouraging to find that dairy farmers typically had a better knowledge of climate change issues than the general public.
  • The live energy monitoring was an easy way to visualise energy usage.  It was easy to pick when the cappuccino machines started up on the frosty mornings!
  • Thanks to Go Lime Solutions and Cadburys for their support of the FRDS site at Agfest.

Reflections on the Event

Ryan Burrows was the lucky winner of the Future Ready Dairy Systems Quiz held at Agfest.  Ryan, age 15, has just the sort of enthusiasm the Tasmanian dairy industry needs.  Ryan is keen to develop his skills in the dairy industry and is currently considering sharefarming options in the future.  Ryan attends Leighlands Christian School and works at “Blythe Vale” dairy farm at South Riana in his spare time.  Dairying for Tomorrow Coordinator, Rachel Brown, says “It is fantastic that we’ve got people like Ryan coming through.  He is enthusiastic about the industry and I was really impressed with his knowledge of sustainability issues for the dairy industry“.  Ryan has spent his gift voucher on bushwalking gear and is looking forward to getting out in the bush this summer, in between time on the farm.

Quotes and Feedback from Attendees

The quiz was hard, so there was opportunity for plenty of discussion about the answers.  Many people said they learned a lot doing the quiz.  The most commented learning was that methane emissions from cows come from the front end, not the back end!


04 May,2011

Event Type:

Field Day


Agfest site, Carrick


Rachel Brown