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Riverina Study Tour

Objectives of the Eventapril12-d-kuchel-047

To give South Australian farmers the opportunity to learn how farmers in the Riverina have adapted their businesses to adapt to Climate Variability.

Key Messages

  • Winter grazing supplemented by PMR on a feedpad for summer
  • Use of summer forage crops for hay and silage
  • Weighing up the cost of irrigation
  • Managing heat stress
  • Dairying in Drylots
  •  Increasing the amount of home grown feed
  • Maximising pasture utilisation
  • Focus on feed quality
  • Methans capture and reuse by a piggery   

Reflections on the Event

  • The focus on what makes a business profitable was excellent– Kydds cut cost buy land and laser – Singletons were high input, buy land focus on profitability pay themselves well margin $800 per cow and it shows
  • First opportunity to see a robotic dairy
  • It was great seeing the farms and talking to other farmers and seeing their operations
  • The different feed lots under shelter and shade,  cow sheding and heat related management practices
  • Seeing different ways to farm and still get the same results
  • Rob Singletons farm by far, & just getting to see dairying in the area, Rob Singletons was inspiring
  • Brian Crockhart had a handle on the whole aspect of dairying excellent way of explaining I could identify with what seemed to be his approach of  “this is the situation now what are the opportunities”
  • Brian Crockhart an excellent communicator and seemed to know the farms as well as the farmer
  • Farmers prepared to talk about how they farm
  • Having a look at farms with different goals to improve milk production
  •  Wide variety of farm sizes and types of management 


Apr 17, 2012

Event Type:

Professional Development Workshop/Seminar


Riverina NSW/VIC


Monique White