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Succeeding through the seasons – strategies from four southern Riverina dairy farms

Objective of the event

Murray Dairy’s Future Ready Dairy Systems project is exploring the strategies that four leading Riverina farms have employed to grow their dairy businesses despite the climatic challenges of the last decade. This event was the first of a series aimed at demonstrating examples of practical and profitable options for dairy farmers to cope with seasonal variability.

Key Messages

Dairy farmers in the Murray Dairy region have made a range of changes to manage climate variability within their farming systems.

Climate variability is about managing extremes; hot & dry, wet & cold, storm events etc. Successfully coping with extremes builds capacity to manage any longer term trends.

Any action taken on farm to manage climate variability must consider the whole farm system including farm profitability.

Reflections on the Event

The four farms examined covered a range of feeding systems; from a ‘type 4’ farm feeding a mixed ration on a pad for four months of the year to a ‘type 2’ operation grazing pasture year round. Regardless of the type of feeding system, these farmers have a history of making good, timely decisions as they’ve adapted their farming systems over the years.

Quotes and Feedback from Attendees

Feedback from the day showed that almost all participants thought the day had helped them understand strategies to cope with seasonal variation and that they would take some action as a result of attending. In addition, most were interested in attending follow up events on the case study farms. With comments such as “Great day”, “Excellent information” and “Interesting”, the day appeared to hit the spot with attendees.


06 Apr,2011

Event Type:

Field Day


Blighty Hall, Riverina district, NSW


Scott Birchall

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