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Gippsland contacts and resources

A range of resources are currently available to dairy farmers and industry to assist in dealing with climate change and its impacts. Three categories of resource support are listed below as:

  • Funding support
  • Advice and assistance
  • Industry research

For any questions or further information contact your Regional Dairying for Tomorrow Coordinator:

Gillian Hayman
M 0428345493
Ph 56832663
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Funding support

The following funding opportunities are time-specific and should be investigated by interested individuals/parties to ensure they are available and their detailed terms and conditions.

FarmReady Industry Grants – Australian Government

  • Provided by Australian Government’s Department of Agriculture, Fisheries and Forestry under the program titled: Australia’s Farming Future.
  • Purpose of these grants is to assist Australian farmers to adapt to and mitigate against climate change.
  • What’s on offer:
  • FarmReady Re-imbursement for farmer training, up to $1,500 per farmer – available now
  • NextGen Farmers Grants
  • Recognising Women Grants

Caring for Our Country – Australian Government

  • Provided by Australian Government’s Department of Agriculture, Fisheries and Forestry.
  • Purpose of these grants is to promote targeted improvement in natural resource management within the Australian landscape.
  • What’s on offer:
  • Current business plan available, with Round 3 opening late in 2009
  • Each year the business plan will be re-released with new annual priorities
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Advice and assistance

State Government – Department of Primary Industries:

  • Dairy Officers provide assistance to farmers

Various research projects undertaken by DPI Ellinbank and Melbourne University

Catchment Management Authorities (CMA) across VIC:

  • Contact your local CMA for details of current programmes available to dairy farmers.

Local Government:

  • Most local councils have environmental officers and some run programmes that farmers may be able to access to improve the natural environment
  • Contact your local council to investigate what services are provided locally.

Australian Dairy Industry – Dairy Australia

  • Dairy Australia has two main programmes to deal with climate change and related environmental management – these are:
  • Confidence 2 Grow (supports this website and responsible for developing industry strategy)
  • Dairying For Tomorrow (supports improved Natural Resources Management and Regional NRM Coordinators)
  • Cool Cows workshop covering better management of heat stress.
  • Grains 2 Milk workshop covering better management of feed purchasing risks
  • GippsDairy & the Maffra Research Farm have projects related to climate change and natural resource management issues. These include: Recent and available climate change resources:
  • Climate Change Fact Sheets for Gippsland (hotlink to DfT website and Gippsland fact sheet)
  • Climate Change forums for service providers and farmers – presentation material available on request.
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Industry research

There are a range of current research activities to help deal with the impact of climate change. These include existing projects that are investigating the following:

  • Maintaining total farm production through greater feed conversion efficiency. Aiming to increase milk production by 10%, with a reduced herd size
  • Increasing cow weight by 50kg to increase feed intake and milk production
  • Increasing grain intakes by 500kg and investigating milk production responses
  • Feeding fats and oils during the summer and autumn months
  • Feeding a source of condensed tannin (CT) year round
  • Using Nitrogen-inhibitors year round
  • Murray Goulburn’s Environment Project for suppliers of Murray Goulburn. Contact Marguerite White 0447500415 or marguerite.white@mgc.com.au
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