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Dohnt Family Trust Mixed Ration System

A continued reduction in irrigation allocation meant that the Dohnt’s Murray Bridge dairying property could no longer sustain its milking herd with its extensive pasture system, so they investigated the viability of an intensive dairying system through the use of a Feed pad and Total Mixed Ration (TMR). The system is comprised of a central feed pad which is 260m long by 20m wide. There are 5 adjoining extensive loafing areas which are 20 to 25 acres in size.

The system is working well and the Dohnt Family Trust are happy with what they have put together. Over the next few years they intend to increase cow numbers towards 600 cows. Currently land is cropped outside of the dairying area, but when irrigation allocations return, they intend to produce more of their feed requirements on-farm, which will then be put through the mixer.

A full development budget for the feedpad is included

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